Dubai at Midheaven on global weight loss surgical sphere with Amir’s Dubai repair

Obesity is one of the many factors causing reflux.  When patients undergo weight loss surgery, they may continue to get reflux or it may even worsen.

The Gold Standard surgery for reflux is Laparoscopic Nissen’s fundoplication, however the fundus is removed in weight loss surgery.

These patients with a lax Lower Oesophageal Sphincter (LOS) at times with a lax hiatus and a hiatus hernia, suffer from reflux and fail to lose weight or maintain their weight loss; a failed weight loss operation with additional burden of bad reflux.

This can be changed into a relatively successful weigh loss operation while preventing reflux at the same time with a simple and innovative technique developed in Mediclinic Hospitals Dubai; Amir’s Dubai repair.

Before Amir’s Dubai repair there was no respite for these patients suffering from heartburn after weight loss surgery except offering then an even more radical operation than the first weight loss surgery, still with no assurance of good results.

                                                                          Professor Amir Nisar – Mediclinic Dubai

We have performed four surgeries for patients from two countries with severely debilitating reflux after sleeve gastrectomy surgery and gastric bypass operations. All the patients have reported satisfaction from surgery with good outcomes over the maximum period of 18 months follow up.

Amir’s Dubai repair is carried out with Laparoscopic Mini Scar Less minimal invasive approach with 1 to 2 night’s stay in hospital. Patients resume drinking and eating sloppy diet just a few hours after the surgery.

Among Bariatric circles this is being hailed as a major breakthrough for this complex scenario. Another Dubai’s first in the world.

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